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Anhui Huasheng Mechanical Electrical Group Co.,Ltd. is located in Jingxian, a beautiful hometown of rice paper,covering an area of about 17,000 square meters with a registered capital of 10million yuan. Mainly committed to the research and development, production and sales of mictmotors, cold welding technology and related products, and customized welding automation solu-tions for customers. Products are widely used in mold,casting, electrical appliances, medical, au-tomotive, construction and other industries, involving a wide range of fields, the products are ex-ported to home and abroad. The company further expands the market and improves the after-sales service system. lt hastablished branches in Shanghai, Changzhou,Zhengzhou,Guangdong, Shandong and otherplaces, serving customers with a sincere attitude, standardized management, and high-quality products. We look forward to helping you solve more welding problems !



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Die Steel Gear Defect Repair

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0.2mm、0.8mm Stainless steel s...

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  • Small circular seam welding machine automation equipment
  • HS-DFT01 Swing Pointing Machine
  • HS-EFT61 Hydraulic Type III Cold Welding Wire Machine
  • HS-S03 Hand clamp type II cold welding wire machine
  • HS-S01 Hand Pliers Type I Cold Welding Wire Machine
  • HS-T01 Desktop Type II Cold Welding Wire Machine
  • HS-T03 Desktop Type III Cold Welding Wire Machine
  • HS-EFT60 Hydraulic Type 158 Cold Wleding Machine
  • HS-FDS01 High-speed laser welding machine
  • HS-DDS62 Inverter Wled Cleaning Machine
  • HS-FS1000 Hnadheld Laser Welding Machine
  • HS-AFS01 Spot Welding Machine
  • HS-ADS13 Energy storage stud welding machine
  • HS-BDS05 High frequency precision EDM surfacing repair machine
  • HS-BDS06 Electric spark surfacing repair machine
  • HS-BDS03 PLUS Tool and mold repair cold welding machine
  • HS-ADS04 Multifunctional welding repairing machine
  • HS-ADS07 Multifunctional high-speed aluminum welding machine
  • HS-ADS10 AC and DC precision welding machine
  • HS-ADS16 High Speed Precision Cold Welding Machine
  • HS-ADS03 Ultra-energy thin plate cold welding machine
  • HS-ADS20 Energy Storage Dual-core Cold Welding Machine
  • HS-ADS03 PLUS Ultra-energy Thin Plate Cold Welding Machine
  • HS-ADS02 Intelligent Precision Cold Welding Machine